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Xero Image Technologies

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Xero Image Technologies is based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was formed out of the need to provide value added service, efficient response times on unscheduled breakdowns, affordable pricing and highly personalized solutions to clients in the security industry.

Xero Image Technologies are authorized agents for:

  • Adani, manufacturers of the DRS Conpass/Securescan.
  • Habscan
  • Guard Spirit

We offer the following products and services:
Sales maintenance and servicing of x-ray body scanners
Sales, maintenance and servicing of x-ray baggage equipment
Sales and servicing of hand-held metal detectors
Sales, maintenance and servicing of walk-through metal detectors
Hiring of x-ray baggage equipment
Maintenance and servicing of industrial kitchen and laundry equipment
Maintenance contracts on existing equipment
To supply clients with cost-effective, quick response times on servicing and repairs
Effective preventative and maintenance plans
Security training, including x-ray baggage screening

We have a proven repair and maintenance track record on all of the following makes of equipment:

  • Conpass (DRS Securescan)
  • Heimann
  • Fiscan
  • Linescan
  • Rapiscan
  • Seva
Adani Habscan Guard Spirit

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